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TROLIS 5 is released!

A new version of TROLIS - ticket reservation system for ferry lines and cruises - now is available for production installations. It has a brand new architectural design, modularity, tabbed interface, new look and feel and many new extended features, comparing to older versions. Here are some of new features and functions of TROLIS 5 in details:

  • Brand new system architecture and interface design. The system now is 100% Web Application, which means that it can be run in any operating system on any platform (including mobile devices).
  • Modularity. All system components are divided into modules, which can be run in a number of separate tabs simultaneously.
  • Tabbed interface. TROLIS 5 system works as a one-screen application and uses tabs for running each module or component reusing the same page space.
  • Simple chat interface is available for communication between users and agencies inside the system.
  • Booking: Now you can have unlimited number of routes in the booking.
  • New - trip type. You can book not only ferry tickets, but also buses, hotels, flights and trains.
  • With the little of changes it is possible to book any reservable things, like conference rooms, medical and health procedures, etc.
  • Tariffs: One new dimension of tariffs is available - profiles. You can set promotions or discount tariffs for some limited time before departures.
  • Allotments: It is possible to set up your own allotment for third party ferries offline reservations.
  • CRM functionality: clients database, invoices, payments and their interrelations.

Click on the picture below and try to work with real-time DEMO we provided for you.

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Last updated: 2014-07-30