TROLIS - Ticket reservation system for the ferry lines


   TROLIS - Ticket Reservation On-Line Internet System is a ticket reservation system for passenger ferry lines. In the end of 90-s the word Internet in this abbreviation had important role - system was optimised for maximum performance for remote work through various and slow Internet connections from anywhere. Internet was not everywhere and connection speeds was measured in Kbits. This system used so-called "Application Server" technology, which gave full impression, that you're working from the local network, even if the database server locates thousands miles away from you. In addition, TROLIS also had a traditional (for such application class) interface - with direct terminal access, which could be used by small agencies without purchasing full-featured client application. As from version 4, TROLIS.NET - WEB-based reservation interface was available for all agencies, which replased old-style terminal application.

   Now, when Internet is everywhere and speeds are fast, Trolis V5 is just called a Web Application, which can be accessed from various browsers from any OS on any platform. It needs no installation, just go to a web page and work. All updates for th system comes instantly. No need for reinstall the client-side software.

Main system features

   TROLIS V5 system is designed to provide following main functions:

   Common (user):

  • preliminary and final place reservation
  • bookings with "open date"
  • ticket price calculation, according to existing tariffs
  • searching for any earlier formed bookings
  • booking confirmation list printing
  • bookings on behalf of another agency (only for privileged agents)
  • preliminary and final passenger and transport lists
  • passengers and cars check-in
  • ticket sales reports for agency and for ship owner
  • passengers and cars traffic statistic reports
  • support for unlimited routes in one booking
  • support for tariff profiles, which may be used to create various promotion tariffs for a limited time

   Special (system) features:

  • managing voyages, ferry lines, vessels, ports, etc.
  • generation of new voyages
  • managing plans of cabins, cabin categories, as well as control of free and reserved places
  • creating and managing tariffs for every vessel by season and in a range of dates
  • managing agencies (commission rates, access rights) and individual users (agents)
  • restricting access to each ferry lines for each agency
  • intra-application user to user chat interface
  • multitab interface lets you to launch each module in its own tab.

Some special "TROLIS" system features and fundamental differences from other similar systems

   System's booking module works in WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) manner. Working with it looks like working with certain text editor, where you can either save your work, or discard all your changes. Each change of particular booking is kept in the history with the date, time, agent and agency, which had altered this booking. Reservation algorithm always operates in a stateless mode (without knowing the previous state), which allows it to work very fast. This also decreases overall amount of transferred data between client application and server database, which is essential when working through Internet.

   Each user (agent) of the system belongs to one and only one agency, so this simplifies an authentification of users, hence the system correctly determines which agency the booking belongs to, It helps then in creating financial and sales reports. Agents of privileged agencies additionally can create booking on behalf of any other agency, assigning it to that agency.

   Privileged agencies also have full access to all booking of all agencies, being able to edit these bookings, change categories of cabins, number of places and even cancel unwanted bookings or tickets. All these actions also are kept in the history, so every agency can always see all information about all booking manipulations and modifications - who and when. Usually privileged agencies are ferry operator's agency and those, who make check-ins.

   TROLIS V5.2 system is developed using ExtJS 3 for frontend logic and PROGRESS(tm) RDBMS V10.1 for backend database logic. This gives a very fast access to the database, using any kind of Internet connection.

TROLIS documentation

   You can find more detail information on TROLIS system in the user's (agent's) manual, which is by now available in Lithuanian, Russian and English languages. This user manual exists in following formats:

Note: Postscript manual is compressed using GNU 'gzip' program. Windows users may want to use WinZip program to extract the file. The Lithuanian version of user manual exists only in HTML form. It will be available in other formats in the future.

Adobe PDF
On-line HTML
Lithuanian - - HTML

Questions, comments, suggestions

   You can send all comments or questions, regarding the TROLIS reservation system, to the addresses, that are listed in our contacts page.

   For the pricing information please send e-mail or call +370 686 76486.