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Few words about Programming

  Advanced Programmer can write an interpreter of any language, using the most inappropriate language for this...

   This section of PRODATA site contains various stuff, which has any connection with programming and/or the content doesn't fit into other sections of the site. It might also be interpreted as a personal page of Vladas Saulis, - PRODATA owner.

   What to say about Programming...? I am often being asked to speak on that. Now I shell try to explain my feel of Programming more seriously. The main and first thing I realized for myself in years - it is NOT just 'coding'. In other words - it is much more than coding. Let me define programming as some kind of non-material philosophy. All what you program in your life - doesn't really exist in material world (except the huge set of magnetic distortions on various media devices, which have nothing to do with your ideas, thoughts and emotions when you are inside the process of Programming). You cannot become a Programmer just by your will. It's as much as you cannot become an aristocrat or artist. You can only born with it. Otherwise - you are a 'coder', or even worse - 'developer'. Unfortunately, these states of 'programmers' are prevailing in modern times. But let them be, - we need them too.

   On the other hand - I don't like to say I am a Real Programmer. I leave to say it for my opponents. Anyway, - for anyone, who doesn't like my understanding of programming - this is only his problem. Don't even go to the pages below! To others, who do not mind, - I say - welcome. (And be lenient to my, sometimes crude, English).

Sincerely Yours,
-- Vladas Saulis

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